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RVHD-2000 RV HD Antenna
RV HD-2000 Omnipro RV & Marine UHF/VHF HD TV Antenna
List Price: $169.95
Our Price: $129.95
Sale Price: $129.95
Savings: $40.00
The RVHD-2000 is one of the most advanced RV HD TV Antennas ever developed. The Quality of reception is amazing, surpassing its competitors. Especially designed for moving recreational vehicles(RV's, Boats and Caravans). Especially designed for moving recreational vehicles, it works great as a TV antenna for Boats, RV's and Caravans. Works well with outside interfernece like other moving semi's and Rv's

Omni directional reception and supports AM/FM/VHF/UHF frequencies. This Antenna Can receive Reception while Traveling up to 80 MPH.

Waterproof housing made of UV resistant, injection molded ASA material with super durability. This Outdoor TV Antenna is Solid. Designed fpr RV's and Boats.

SMD technology provides high gain, low noise amplification. This unique technology ensures excellent performance of all OMNIPRO series antenna.

This TV Antenna is designed to tie into your existing DC Voltage within your RV or Boats Coaxial TV System.