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LAVA HD-2605 ULTRA Outdoor TV Antenna - UHF/VHF/FM/SDTV/HDTV LAVA Omni Pro HD-8008 Outdoor Omni Directional TV Antenna - UHF/VHF/FM/SDTV/HDTV
List Price: $119.95
Our Price: $89.95
Sale Price: $69.95
Savings: $50.00

List Price: $149.95
Our Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $79.95
Savings: $70.00

Outdoor TV Antenna Lava HD-8008 TV Antenna
The Lava HD-2605 ULTRA is the most powerful outdoor UHF/VHF/FM HD TV Antenna you will find. It is rated up to 150 mile reception range and has been tested extensively across the entire USA. We have personally received signals from 143 miles away with the HD 2605 in the Northwest. This is the #1 Performing TV Antenna we have found. The Lava HD-2605 is the Best Value in Outdoor TV Antennas.
Introducing the NEW Lava OmniPro HD-8008 Omnidirectional Digital HD TV Antenna. The HD 8008 has been fitted with the latest tv antenna circuitry that delivers an extremely stable signal across the entire UHF/VHF/FM spectrum. The HD-8008 is constructed from the highest of quality plastics and metals that will guarantee that this antenna will stand up to the toughest of weather and abuse. If you are looking for an easy to install, light weight, high powered omni directional tv antenna that is built to last then the HD-8008 is for you. Call with Questions at: 1-800-542-6379
LAVA Omni Pro HD-8000 Outdoor Multi Directional TV Antenna Lava HD-2805 ULTRA Outdoor TV Antenna - UHF/VHF/HDTV/SDTV/FM/
List Price: $139.95
Our Price: $94.95
Sale Price: $79.95
Savings: $60.00

List Price: $119.95
Our Price: $84.95
Sale Price: $69.95
Savings: $50.00

LAVA OmniPro HD-8000 Lava HD 2805 Ultra
The NEW Lava HD-8000 Omni Pro Multi Directional TV Antenna with a rated 120 mile Range / We Recommend up to 50 miles. This is an extremely stable TV Antenna with the smartest circuitry of all the tv antennas we sell. It has a rock solid UV protective plastic dome that can withstand whatever mother nature throws at it. Now you can Receive Free Digital TV Broadcast Signals from 360 degrees and watch 100's of TV Shows in HD for Free! No Dish, No Cable and No Monthly Fees. Works Indoors and Outdoors! Call for details at: 1-800-542-6379 - We Only Recommend the HD-8000 for people within the city and suburbs.
The Lava HD-2805 Ultra 125 mile Outdoor TV Antenna receives UHF and VHF Digital TV signals. Watch Free HDTV and Free SDTV Channels with the Lava HD-2805 Ultra. Free Shipping, 2 Year Warranty & 90 Day Guarantee.