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HD Antenna Pro WA-2608
Outdoor HD Antenna


List Price: $115.95
Our Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $60.95
Savings: $55.00
  - 36db Gain Low Noise Amplifier
  - Motor Rotor - 360' Twist Proof
  - Free 40 foot RG6 Coaxial Cable
  - 2 Year Full Warranty
  - 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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TV Antenna Sale WA-2608 Outdoor TV Antenna

With up to a 36dB Gain and up to a 150 mile Range this Outdoor TV Antenna is as powerful as they come. This HDTV Antenna was made to receive Digital TV UHF/VHF Signals and provides the highest quality HDTV picture available! Enjoy SDTV at 480i and with HDTV at 720p and HDTV 1080p outdoor amplified antenna. Enjoy watching TV Shows, Sitcoms, Reality TV, News Sports Movies, Kids and so much more for free with the HD Antenna Pro WA-2608. No Monthly Fees!
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HD Antenna Pro WA-2608 Outdoor TV Antenna


* Reception range up to150 miles from broadcast towers
* Built-in motor rotor spins 360 degrees and is tangle free
* Wireless remote controller for rotor - Rotate the Antenna from the comfort of your couch!
* Control Box with Dual TV Outputs included - can split out up to 8 TVs *
* Easy Installation - Only 5 pounds - No grounding necessary - Includes pole mount.
* High Sensitivity Reception - up to 36dB Gain.
* Super Low Noise High Gain Amplifier, Built In.
* Power : AC15V 300mA
*Motor Rotor is powered by Low Voltage sent up the Coaxial Cable from Control Box to Antenna, Included.

* 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
* Free Lifetime Technical Support at: 206-388-2281

Frequently asked questions

1. Which HDTV Antenna is best for me?

My rule is… if you are able to put an Outdoor TV Antenna outside or in your attic, then an Outdoor TV Antenna is best for you. The Outdoor HDTV Antennas will give you the strongest, most solid signal and the ability for you to pick up the most available TV channels in your area. Our Outdoor HDTV Antennas are Easy to Install. We offer Free Support, if needed.

Indoor HDTV Antenna’s will also work for people that live within 8 to 10 miles of the TV broadcast towers. For people to live farther away than 10 miles the broadcast towers, the indoor antenna will still work but you will possibly not receive all the available TV channels.

2. Are there any monthly fees?

There are no monthly fees. The HDTV Antennas will pick up the Free Digital TV signals being broadcast across the USA, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, and anywhere else that UHF and VHF TV signals are available. No monthly fees!

3. What channels will I receive?

The channels you receive will depend on what area you live in. Most people in the USA will be able to receive all the major networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, Ion, the CW and PBS in HD. Most people in the US will also receive channels like Universal sports, TUFF-TV, Retro-TV, Antenna-TV, This-TV, foreign-language, local independent and more. Watch Sports, Movies, TV Shows, Sit-Coms, Dramas, Reality, News and more...

4. Is this legal?

Yes, the UHF and VHF TV signals that you will pick up with your HDTV antenna are 100% legal and are broadcast over the air across the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

5. Will these HDTV antennas work with my old tube TV.

Yes, all of the HDTV antennas that we offer at TV Antenna Sale.com will work with standard tube TVs when connected to a Digital to Analog Converter Box. Note: most every HDTV manufactured since 2006, comes with a built in ATSC Digital Tuner.

6. Is it easy to install?

Yes, all of the HDTV antenna's we sell are easy to install.

The Indoor TV Antennas simply plug the power supply into a regular wall socket and then screw coaxial into the back of your HDTV. If you have a standard television you apply the coaxial into your digital to analog converter box then plug your digital to analog converter box into your television.

Our Outdoor TV Antennas are lightweight and come with a plastic housing and do not require to be grounded. They also include a pole mounting bracket 30 feet of RG six coaxial cable and detailed instructions on how to set it up.

7. Does the Motor Rotor Need to be plugged in to an electrical outlet outside?

No, The Motor Rotor is powered by Low Voltage being sent up the Coaxial Cable from your Control Box.

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