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Antop AT-414B Amplified Outdoor Digital VHF/UHF Omni-Directional TV Antenna, 4G LTE Filter, Smart Pass Amplifier - SDTV/HDTV/4K
Antop UFO AT-414B


List Price: $129.99
Our Price: $84.00
Sale Price: $84.00
Savings: $45.99
  - 4G LTE Filter built-in to Reduce Noise
  - Smart Pass Amplifier - No Blind Spots
  - Omni-Directional - 360 degree Reception
  - Anti UV and Weatherproof / Waterproof
  - Includes 33' Coaxial Cable

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No, the Aliens are not invading... This is the Antop AT-414B UFO Outdoor Omni-Directional VHF/UHF Digital TV Antenna that comes with the first ever built in 4G LTE Filter and Smart Pass Amplifier. We have tested over 50 TV Antenna styles here at TV Antenna Sale and we have to say the the Antop AT-414B is for sure the #1 amplified Omni-Directional TV Antenna we have ever tested.
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4G LTE Filter Built-in
The 4G LTE Filter built-in will block all 3G and 4G signals from mobile phones,tablets, wireless networks or mobile phone transmitters to ensure noise-free digital TV reception.

Smart-Pass Amplifier
With the Smart Pass Amplifier you will reduce the chance of overloading by smoothing out too loud of signals and will be able to boost the weaker signals in your area. The Smart-Pass Amplifier by Antop allows you to have the best of both Worlds.

360 degree Omni-Directional Reception
With 360' Reception you are able to receive more channels at a stronger signal from multiple directions.

Whatever format the Broadcasters are broadcasting in, you will receive the signal. The AT-414B is 100% compatible with SDTV, HDTV, 4K UHD and every other format to come, guaranteed!

Anti UV and Weather Proof
With anti-UV Coating and Waterproof Design this antenna can handle all weather conditions and is built to last a lifetime.

Enhanced VHF Reception
The Antop AT-414B's mechanical design was built to enhance VHF Reception unlike any other flat panel TV Antenna.

Designed and Engineered in the USA
All the Antop antennas we carry are designed and engineered in the USA and built with the highest quality materials.

The Antop AT-414B comes with...

1 - Omni Directional UFO TV Antenna
1 - Smart Pass Amplifier
1 - Built in 4G LTE Filter
1 - DC Power Adapter
1 - 33 foot Coaxial Cable
1 - Outdoor Bracket
1 - Wall/Pole Mounting Kit
1 - Instruction Manual

Depending on where you live in the USA you may receive between 5 and 175 over the air digital broadcast TV Stations. Call us at 1-800-542-6379 and we can look up the reception strength in your area.

With our TV Antenna Map testing the Antop AT-414B is 1005 capable of 150 mile range, depending on terrain. Our rigorous testing revealed that the AT-414B is a top performing outdoor omni directional digital tv antenna with aesthetics that are pleasing to look at. If you are close to the citties and have strong signal please condier the Harmony Omni Bean

You can also check reception at the Reception Maps website, double or triple the number of channels to compensate for the sub-channels. www.ReceptionMaps.com

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