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Lava 4-Way AC Power Pass Splitter
Ultra 4Way AC Power Pass Splitter HDS-12


Lava 4-WAY Whole House AC Power Pass Splitter
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Now you can use your Homes Existing Coaxial Cabling to send the Lava TV Antenna Signals to up to 4 rooms in your House. No Re-Cabling Required! Use your Homes existing coaxial cable. Simply replace your existing Cable Splitter with our Ultra 4-Way AC Power Pass Splitter, that was specifically designed for our Lava TV Antennas.

Watching TV in 4 Rooms of your Home with an Outdoor TV Antenna has never been easier.

NOTE: The Lava Ultra 4-Way splitter is NOT Required, it simply allows you to use your home existing Coaxial Cable to send the TV Signals to your TV's. It is an AC Power Pass TV Splitter which is required if you would like to split the antenna signal between the antenna and the control box or power insert.

Benefits of the LAVA 4-WAY Whole House Splitter - HDS-12

1. Easy Installation
2. Quicker Install time - Quick and Clean Install Every Time!
3. No Re-Cabling - Use your Homes Existing Cabling.
4. Save Money on Coaxial Cable.
5. Less Mess
6. Maximum TV Enjoyment

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  • 4- Way Whole House Splitter with AC Power Pass
  • Designed for use with Lava Outdoor TV Antennas
  • Saves Time and Money
  • Ties into your homes existing Coaxial Cable.
  • No Re-Cabling, No Mess, No Electrical at Splitter